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    Back in outer space…

    My first night in NYC. I ate a bunch of Nutella and watched Real Housewives of Atlanta. This is what the best city in the world is about.  

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    had a bangin’ time w/ @dizik and Yura and love when the owner is also your photog #lulas #sogood  (at Lula Café)

    had a bangin’ time w/ @dizik and Yura and love when the owner is also your photog #lulas #sogood (at Lula Café)

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    in a serious coma #whatdoesafoxsay #fishsaysblub

    in a serious coma #whatdoesafoxsay #fishsaysblub

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    it’s print city w @alexgorbokon #oldfriends  (at Mana Food Bar)

    it’s print city w @alexgorbokon #oldfriends (at Mana Food Bar)

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    burning man nostalgia #burnerforlife

    burning man nostalgia #burnerforlife

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    It’s different, now.

    I have moved back to Chicago. I am here to stay. So many times I have tried running from Chicago but I am back. And it is scary but also a relief. There is no plan about what to do here or how to make it work. But, I have to believe that it will all be ok. The reason I am able to believe in this is because in the past it has always worked out. It was always ok. 

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    The King of Later

    Me: Take these bottles out. They’re bothering me.

    Pasha: I’ll do it later.

    Me: You’re the King of Later.

    Pasha: Elina!

    (I sneeze)

    Pasha: Not bless you, not at all, not even one bit.

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    The Situation Is Saving Me Money

    Ever since Pasha came home from San Francisco last week he had been complaining about this pain in his eye. He was adamant that something was lodged deep in the recesses of his eye and eventually whatever it was would cause him to go blind unless the brain cancer killed him first. He kept saying things like ‘This is my eyesight we are talking about’ as if I was confused and thought we were talking about his penile function. 

    I told him it was nothing to worry about, bought him eye drops and promptly went away on a trip to Texas for work. When I got back a few days later he informed me that he had figured out the cause of his eye troubles. Apparently, he had watched the latest episode of Jersey Shore in which Vinny demonstrated the same symptoms as Pasha. He went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a ghastly disease - dry eyes. Yes, dry eyes.

    I was so thrilled that Vinny from ‘Jersey Shore’ prevented Pasha from going to the doctor. Our evil, shitty insurance company still won’t pay for his visit to the doctor after the time he thought he broke his quads. He said things like ‘These are my legs we are talking about’ as if I was confused and thought he was talking about his penile function.

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    the red street: i'm gonna write about my photos from now on →

    um, pasha has a photo blog. everyone pay attention. he swears in it.


    hello.. here’s my blog. i take pictures and i make up [occasionally funny] shit because i have photoshop skillzz. well, kinda. i’m not like amazing at it, but i’m pretty detail-oriented. i put in effort and sometime spend hours correcting a photo, touching it up. i love doing it. it’s like…

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    Black Hat

    Me: Would you be sad if I died?

    Pasha: How can you say that? Of course.

    Me: You wouldn’t know where anything is.

    Pasha: Where is the black hat that I bought in Barcelona?

    Me: The one you bought in LA? It’s in your closet on the second shelf.

    Pasha: Please don’t die.

    Said Hat in Barcelona in 2008

    — 4 years ago
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